embodiment : Line Two

Photo: Ursula Rogg

Photos: CR&SH, Berlin  / Make-up and hair: Christina Roth, Berlin / Model: Maria, Viva Berlin






embodiment - Line Two consists of a dress, skirt, top and trousers made of Tyvek, produced for the context of the magazine regina - Stilleben, no.6, 2002


Tyvek is a registered trademark. It is used for example on construction sites, for envelopes, and for workers clothes - the overall.  The surface of Tyvek feels like paper, although it is not. Tyvek is a synthetic material with interesting characteristics. The main distinguishing properties of Tyvek are that it is tearproof and water-repellent, and it can be washed. With each wash, the texture of this textile is changing. This unpredictable transformation of Tyvek is for Möller a correspondent character, one that has a life of its own and can not be domesticated.


Tyvek caught Möllers interest already in the early 90s, when she produced "her" wedding dress made of Tyvek for her exhibition-project entitled "Regina Maria Möller" in Prague of Stadtpark Graz.






Tyvek, padding, silk screen print








Concept, design:  Regina Maria Möller

Production of garments with the cooperation of Dagmar Kniffki, Berlin





© Regina Maria Möller, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn