Poison & Ivy

Photo: Matthias Herrmann

Photos: Matthias Herrmann, Regina Maria Möller






These sculpture - garments were created for the solo exhibition embodiment : dress plot, Secession Wien, Vienna, 2004

The clothes embody the characters Poison and Ivy.  Poison's outfit refer to her argument of costumes as a societal corset, she is about to break out off, while Ivy's garments are a reference to her focus on the garden as the microcosmos of society.





Garments made of various materials such as silk, wool, felt, linen, viscose

Models are made of nettle







Concept, design: Regina Maria Möller

Garment production with the cooperation of Vera Wieczorek






embodiment : dress plot, solo exhibition, Secession Wien, Vienna, 2004






© Regina Maria Möller, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn