Doormats 19 – 99

Public Art Project "GREEN" organized by EXEDRA

Center for Arts and Architecture, Hilversum / NL, 1999


Photos: EXEDRA





Doormats 19 – 99 was the contribution from Möller for the temporary public art project entitled "GREEN" organized by EXEDRA. Doormats with letterings and images of roots were inserted into the pathway of the Botanic Garden "Dr. Costerus" in Hilversum. At the entrance of the Botanic Garden few doormats greeted the visitors in Dutch with WELKOM. Walking along the path one stepped on doormats with images of roots of indoor plants – these images were fading more and more as further one walked into the garden. This work was temporary installed.






“GREEN”, organized by EXEDRA, Center for Arts and Architecture, Hilversum / NL, September 1999

Curator: Philipp van den Bossche





© Regina Maria Möller, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn