Concept and project drafts for the "Gymnasium Neusiedl am See", Austria

a public art competition commissioned by Big Art, Vienna



The project concept and draft of "GrundRiss" (FloorPlan) is based on the floorplan of the Gymnasium (Secondary School) Neusiedl am See, Austria. Three functional art works have been proposed that focus on knowledge production / performances concerning environment issues (The Sculpture / Pavillion), knowledge conservation / archive (The Container) and knowledge distribution and sharing (USB Sticks)


The Sculpture / Pavilion - is serving as a plattform for a variety of performances.  Its roof top is for example a green area for the students to study and work with plants, edible gardening, etc. Its groundfloor is a stage which can be used for a variety of purposes: for example as a showcase for sharing researches, ideas, developments, or this platform is used for lectures and performances, or just to hang out and read or listen to music. It is lit by a LED light drawing its energy from solar cells installed on the second roof top.


The Container - is serving as a container of knwoledge / archive. It is moveabel and fits below desks. The object has four drawers / containers which rotate - metaphorically speaking it is changing the shape of the floorplan due to the rotations of the drawers.


The USB Stick - is the small container for distributing and sharing information. It is designed in the shape of the floorplan, while each element rotates and similar to the container it changes its look and content.





Concept and Design: Regina Maria Möller

Architectural drawings and model of USB stick: Albert Herrmann

On the invitiation of Big Art, Vienna 2011


Link: Big Art , public art competition Gymnasium Neusiedl am See





© Regina Maria Möller, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn