Die Motte / The Moth

 Image: Cover "Die Motte", Regina Maria Möller

Photos: Viola Goetz, Studio Lepkowski Berlin, Regina Maria Möller, Tuan Nguyen



With the title “The Moth” Regina Maria Möller refers to the night owl - the clothes moth. Certainly an unpleasant guest in the closets, but also a guarantor of quality in digital and synthetic obsessed times. The larvae of the clothes moth feed on keratin, and high quality fibers such as alpaca, new wool and silk are most welcome to the moth larvae.


The exhibition space of the gallery Möller divided into three narratives - episodes relating to the theatre: Stage, Cloakroom, Props.

Like the mythical creature “The Mothman”, the moth represents allegorically the Grim Reaper - a reminder of death.  Möller stages the Memento Mori by installing curtains at the gallery space, whose functions and meanings on the theater stage have not only changed over time but disappeared. In the second episode the reception desk was transformed into a theater wardrobe - the cloakroom – showing a selection of embodiment costumes created by Möller. And the last episode - the props - sheds new light on old and new works by the artist. Among them are porcelain vases with the Moth motif, a new production on the occasion of the exhibition which Möller produced in collaboration with Uli Aigner One Million and the Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg.








Installation with several rows of curtains refering to the theatre: "Hauptvorhang" (main curtain installed at the storefront / windowo of the gallery), "Spielvorhänge" (rows of curtains installed in the gallery referring to different functions of theatre curtains as for example the "Raffvorhang", "Hubvorhang" and "Wolkenvorhang") and "Brecht - Gardine" (a trimmed curtain made of simple cotton). All curtains were in constant flux, which changed the perspective, the stage set and the play. At the end of the room was a pedestal with a plexiglas-cubus showing four QR-Codes called: QR Code – The Absence of the Body.



Transformation of the reception desk to a cloakroom with few examples of embodiment : costumes



Installation of works by Regina Maria Möller, such as "Drapery", "Busy Lizzy", "Cat Tree", "Reproduction", "wetsuit", "Selfportrait with Cat" and a new production of porcelain vase:




Regina Maria Möller, Die Motte, solo exhibition brochure, 32 pages (4-color print), German Language






Light Design: Jan Langebartels (Berlin)

Curtains: embodiment – Regina Maria Möller with the cooperation of Petra Korink (Berlin)

Vases: Regina Maria Möller in cooperation with Uli Aigner one million (Berlin) and Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg (Munich)

Exhibition Photos: Viola Goetz,  Lepkowski Studios, Berlin, Regina Maria Möller, Tuan Nguyen


Special thanks to: Viola Goetz, Ingrid Harding, Tuan Nguyen, Yurika Petroni, Veronika Radulovic, Doris Maximiliane Würgert and the team of Galerie Michael Janssen



© Regina Maria Möller, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn