THE MOTH – Episode: Props


The Moth, solo exhibition, Galerie Michael Janssen, 21 Sep - 17 Nov, 2018

Detail Installation view: The Moth – Props. Photo: © Regina Maria Möller

Photos © Lepkowkis Studios, Berlin; Regina Maria Möller, Tuan Nguyen




In the third episode of "The Moth - The  Props" new light was shed on works from former projects and installations, including a new production of porcelain vases with the motive of the moth.

Below you will find information about the works, which have been displayed in the props,







Drapery, 2016

Photos: © Regina Maria Möller


>> Drapery, 2016


Drapery is a string knotted from three embodiment: garments. These garments were produced for the film "X Love Scenes" by Constanze Ruhm, 2007.


The embodiment garments were:

- evening gown for the character Giuliana

- black daydress with chalk X for the character Bree

- reversible shirt for the character Hari

Photos and information about the film you can find here



Three garments knotted to a string

Dimensions variable



Busy Lizzy & Co. KG / Fleissiges Lieschen & Co. KG, 1997

Busy Lizzy and Drapery (Curtain), 2018, Photo: © Regina Maria Möller

>> Busy Lizzy & Co. KG / Fleissiges Lieschen & Co. KG, 1997

Series of five photos

The image of the "Ficus Benjamini" – the stereotype of hydroponics office plants – is montaged together with a photo of a root of another plant. The roots differ in each of the five photos.


Dimension: 160 x 90 cm (of each photo)

C-Prints, Collage, mounted on aluminum, framed behind glass

Edition: 3 + 1 AP

© Regina Maria Möller, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn





Selfportrait with Cat, 2012

Photo: Thies Wulff, Hair & Make-up. Christina Roth, Cat: Frans Augustin Eriksson

>> Selfportrait with Cat, 2012


C-Print, framed behind glass,

Dimensions: ca 160 x 100 cm


This photo together with embodiment dress worn by Regina Maria Möller in the portrait

Unique / 1 AP

wetsuit 007 - portrait, 2007


>> wetsuit 007 - portrait, 2007



Neoprene, silk-screen, mounted on wood and framed behind glass

Dimension: 178 x 128 cm

Unique / 1 AP






Cat Tree, 1993 -

>> Cat Tree, 1993 -

Cat Tree, Prototype, Version 1.G was initially created for "KONTEXT KUNST", an exhibition initiated by Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Steierischer Herbst '93, Graz.



5 x elements made of wood and covered with various textile materials by Möller

Dimension: 160 cm (height)

Unlimited edition. Produced upon request



Concept: Regina Maria Möller

Industrial Design: Toyohiko Kobayashi

Design Scheme: Ken Saylor, Daisuke Suematsu

 Poison Ivy, 2004

Photo: © Matthias Herrmann

Photos: © Regina Maria Möller

>> Poison Ivy, 2004



This curtain has been produced for the solo exhibition "embodiment : dress plot", Secession Vienna, 2004. The curtain is one piece, hand-made and the leaves are hand-cut.



Felt in aqua colour




Reproduction, 1994

Photo: © Regina Maria Möller



>> Reproduction, 1994


Reproduction is a series of photos of reproduced advertisements for which Regina Möller was modeling for when she was a kid. On the following you find only a few images.



C-prints mounted and framed behind glass

Caption: Text by Möller's mother about the photo based on an interview between Regina Maria Mölller and her mother

Dimensions vary

Edition 3 / 1 AP


For more information about this work please contact or Gallery Michael Janssen.









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