As an extension of the project Interrogative Pattern – Text(ile) Weave, Möller collaborated with the designer Dinu Bodiciu for the production of a series of headgears informed by

the Samsui women headscarf. Each work in the installation is a reconfiguration of the original source. Through the use of unconventional techniques and materials, the headgears are invested with a sculptural quality – they operate on the interface of art and design, and become cultural materials of a history that is rewritten and reimagined .




Regina (Maria) Möller


Headgear No. 5, 2017

Cardboard, felt, straw textile, cement bag, glasses


Headgear No. 62, 2017

Organza, foam, cotton, tape


Headgear No.2, 2017

Wood and gaze, dimensions variable


Dinu Bodiciu


Headgear No.1038, 2017

Wire, waxed paper tape, glitter, water-based glue, 100% silk organza, pin


Headgear No.7, 2017

Wool and cement


Headgear No.52, 2017

Red sinamay (abacá), cotton tape, wire, poly-satin trim


Courtesy of Dinu Bodiciu





Ute Meta Bauer, Anca Rujoiu (ed.), Place.Labour.Capital., NTU CCA: Singapore, 2018,

456 pages / English Language





The Making of an Institution, group exhibiiton, NTU CCA, 2017

Curators: Ute Meta Bauer, Anna Lovecchio, Anca Rujoiu

Photos: Dinu Bodiciu



<< Multi-layered Garments, 2016

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