The Lamp

Manifesta 1, Rotterdam / NL, 9 June – 19 August 1996

Image: Detail "The Lamp"

Photos: Regina M Möller / Photo: flower bouquet: Studio Klaus Riemenschneider



This work was installed in the Villa Joop van Caldenbourgh (across from the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen) one of Manifesta 1 exhibition venues . Möller corresponded to the assigned exhibition space, which included a kitchenette, by dismantling the kitchen as an all to common and typical reference to the "woman sphere".  All pieces of the kitchen were re-used and upcycled to a sculpture, which Möller placed on the balcony of the villa and light by the lamp. Its lampshade showed images of a floating bouquet of dying flowers. A photo of the same memento mori image "decorated" the left tiles at the site of the former kitchenette.





International Foundation Manifesta (ed.), MANIFESTA 1, Rotterdam: Foundation European Art Manifestaion, 1996





Manifesta 1, Rotterdam / NL

Curators: Katalyn Neray, Rosa Martinez, Victor Misiano, Andrew Renton, Hans Ulrich Obrist

Thanks to: Joop van Caldenbourgh, Detlev Brinkschulte, Klaus Riemenschneider

Lamp was partially supported by the "Berliner Senat für kulturelle Angelegenheiten"






© Regina Möller, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn