The Silent Speaker – Part I: The Curtain







The Silent Speaker – Curtain was displayed in the storefront windows of an abandoned shop located in the centre of Levanger, Norway. This two-part curtain is made of apron patterns. The front- and backsides of the patterns are needle-pinned and topstiched onto the curtain cloth, i.e. the pattern can be easily removed, sewn together and the apron is ready-to-wear!


The textile material used for the curtain are references to the process of drafting and modelling garments, while the aprons embody the invisible workers.





Deep Sites, public intervention, LevArt, Levanger, Norway

Curator: Anne-Gro Erikstad / LevArt

Assistant: Tuan Nguyan

Photos: Inger Margrethe Hove Laustsen, Siv HIlde Meen / LevArt


With many thanks to: Arild Bye, Anne-Kjersti Bakken, Ragnhild Bakken, Arild Bye, Elin Karin Dieset, Anne-Gro Erikstad, Bjørg Erikstad, Lail Grendahl, Siri Opsal, Einar Faret Saastad and Veronika Radulovic.


DEEP SITES has been supported by:

KORO, Art in Public Space, Norway; Arts Council Norway and Levanger Kommune




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