embodiment : Wende-Mantel

Photos: Jonathan Boussaert, Pixelpoint Festival, Werner Maschmann, Thomas Bruns, CR&SH




"Wende-Mantel" has been created for the context of the 3rd berlin biennial (bb3), 2004. The focus of the bb3 artisitc director Ute Meta Bauer was on the city Berlin to reflect about cultural, social and political situation and changes since the fall of the Berlin Wall / the iron curtain in 1989.


"Wende-Mantel" is a reversable cloak, which can be worn inside out. It is a coat of change – of two sides, and of their fusion. In Germany, the reunification of East and West, and the fall of the wall is often referred to as the "Wende".


This garment consists of compressed fiber used for shipping art and of silk lining and eastern textiles. It is about contrasts: worthless and precious, dull and shiny, fragility and strength. It can be wrapped around the body three different ways – always covering everything but the eyes and fingertips. The seams remain visible and the idea behind the seam is to identify tears in the fabric of society and history, in order to then stitch them back together again. It referred to the city whose fabric shows its tears and seams.





Outside: "Nadelfilz" (compressed fiber)

Inside: material varies; silk and textiles with references to the East


Limited edition : 3 + 1 AP, while each version varies in textiles and is therefore never identical





embodiment : Wende-Mantel, 2004

Concept:  Regina Maria Möller

Garment production with the cooperation of Vera Wieczorek



Werner Maschmann, Berlin

Thomas Bruns

Pixelpoint Festival

Jonathan Boussaert

Regina Maria Möller


Photos with model:

CR&SH, Berlin

Make-up and hair: Christina Roth, Berlin

Model: Sarah, Typeface Berlin





Wende-Mantel has been exhibited in different modes of presentation:


bb3, KW Institute of Contemporary Art, Berlin 2004

Performance Jam, KW Institute of Contemporary Art, Berlin 2004

trans-form, Galerie Villa Grisebach, Berlin, 2005

Dresscode, Pixelpoint Festival, Nova Gorica, Slowenia, 2006

Check-in-Europe: Reflecting Identities in Contemporary Art, EPO, Munich, 2006

embodiment : seam, solo exhibition, FRAC des Pays de la Loire, Carquefou, France 2007

Living Box, Hab Galerie, Nantes, 2008

home / work / dress, Passerelle - Cenre D'Art Contemporain, Brest, France, 2012

Die Motte / The Moth, solo exhibition, Galerie Michael Janssen, Berlin, 2018





© Regina Maria Möller, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn