Cat Tree,Prototype, Version 1.G

Photo: Installation view "Katzen Baum", group exhibition Kontext Kunst, Graz 1993

Photos:  N. Lackner (Kontext Kunst), Dirk Snauwaert, Angela Cumberbirch, Regina Maria Möller






Cat Tree, Prototype, Version 1.G was created for "KONTEXT KUNST", an exhibition initiated by Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Steierischer Herbst '93, Graz.


It is constructed according to the knock-down principle - the five elemenst slide into each other, and  are easy to assemble without any screws. Cat Tree is a sculpture, a functional object for cats, and can be used as a weired furniture object for the display of flowers, wardrobe, and more. Its height  is 160 cm - the length of Regina Maria Möller and the first shelf is the stretched height of Regina's cat "Dorian". The very first model of cat tree was produced for Dorian and later handed over to "Robin", Dan Graham's cat.




5 x elements made of wood, upholstered by Möller with various textile materials



height 160 cm x ca 80 cm width


Produced upon request





Regina Maria Möller, Cat Tree, Version 1.G, Graz 1993,

b/ w, English or German Language






Concept: Regina Maria Möller

Industrial Design: Toyohiko Kobayashi

Design Scheme: Ken Saylor, Daisuke Suematsu






KONTEXT KUNST, curated by Peter Weibel, Steierischer Herbst, Graz 1993

4 & 4, Galerie Müller de Chiara, Berlin 2004

trans-form, curated by Edzard Brahms, Galerie Villa Grisebach, Berlin 2005

Independent Bruxelles, Le Salon presented by Almine Rech Gallery, Brussels 2016

Art Berlin, Galerie Michael Janssen, Berlin 2018





© Regina Maria Möller, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn