Cat Walk

Installation View: Cat Walk coffee-table, Cat Walk mural painting, embodiment office chair, video interview

with Regina Maria Möller @ Dialogues, group exhibition Provincial Museum Hasselt, Belgium





Cat Walk is an art object, that can be used as a coffe table. It consists of white and red colored plug-in elements. The red bars are covered with white cat paws - running criss cross. A glass plate - also with prints of cat paws -  can either be inserted in the mid heights of the object or it covers the table's top.




MDF colored in white or red. Red bars are covered with white silk screen prints of cat paws,

glass with silk screen prints of white cat paws




each plug-in element / bar: 35 cm (hight) x 70 cm (length) x 7 cm (width)

glass will be produced according to the length of table


Limited edition of white and red elements to sample a coffee table "Cat Walk"

embodiment office chair and video are not available





Dialogues, group exhibition, Provincial Museum Hasselt, Hasselt, Belgium, 1996

Curator: Luk Lambrecht






© Regina Maria Möller, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn